Town show Oyston the way


CONGRATULATIONS to Fleetwood Town FC and in particular to their chairman, who with his foresight, committment and ambition is taking the club forward to coincide with their promotion.

What a difference from Blackpool's chairman, who has done absolutely nothing after our promotion, and many fans who wanted to come back and support the club cannot even get a seat.

Saints alive - but Seasiders sweating

Bookies tip Pool to beat drop

Strange how even non-league clubs can improve their grounds to increase capacity, not to mention local clubs like Preston and Burnley (who are in the red) when Blackpool (who apparently are in the black) cannot.

Why can local non-league clubs like Fleetwood and Kirkham and Wesham show ambition and build new stands without pre-lets I wonder?

The answer is simple. They have chairmen that care and want to see progress.

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