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Blackpool Tower has won an award
Blackpool Tower has won an award
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Blackpool Tower has won a civil engineering award.

The honour was handed out by the Institution of Civil Engineers at its North West Annual Awards dinner in Carlisle, in a competition with a dozen other entries.

Darrell Matthews, North West regional director of the Institution of Civil Engineers, said: “The Blackpool Tower is possibly the most instantly-recognisable work of civil engineering in the UK.

“It was a really interesting nomination because civil engineering is usually associated with highly practical things like railways and bridges, power stations and water supplies, whereas Blackpool Tower is all about having fun.

“But there’s no doubting the engineering skill that went into designing and building it, so it’s a very worthy winner.”

There were 13 entries for the first ever North West Civil Engineering Heritage Award, which included Preston’s 124-year-old Albert Edward Dock and the Old Tram Bridge site which dates from 1803, both built by some of Britain’s most notable civil engineers.

Chris Hudson, chairman of the Institution of Civil Engineers’ Lancashire Branch, said: “Blackpool Promenade itself is a fantastic showcase of civil engineering old and new – the piers, the sea defences, the tramway – and they’re all amazing works of engineering in their own ways, but Blackpool Tower literally stands tall.

“In fact it’s 518ft and 9in of monument to civil engineering genius.”