Tourism boss wants return of famous tram

The rocket tram
The rocket tram
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BLACKPOOL’S tourism boss is hoping to see the return of the famous Illuminations Rocket Tram for The Lights’ centenary celebrations this year.

Coun Graham Cain, cabinet member for tourism and regeneration at Blackpool Council, says initial discussions have taken place with Blackpool Transport and the owner of the iconic tram to see if it could make a special appearance to mark 100 years of the electric light show.

He said: “We know the rocket tram was very popular so it would be lovely for it return for the centenary of the Illuminations.

“Some initial discussions have taken place with Blackpool Transport and the owner but until we have an idea of costs we won’t know if its feasible or not.”

The Rocket Tram was given to the Lancastrian Transport Trust after being withdrawn from service in 1999 due to a number of electronic and mechanical problems.

It remains in storage in the resort.

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Brian Lindop, spokesman for Blackpool Transport, said: “It is the most famous car alongside the Western Train. It is one of the trams we still get a lot of questions about.

“As part of the Illuminations history it could play a valuable part once again.

“If it was resurrected as part of the centenary and used as a special exhibition, I’m sure it would attract a lot of attention.”

Plans for the centenary celebrations include the recreation of the most famous tableau – the Swan Lake installation, which featured huge swimming birds on a surface of water and had to be dismantled after being on show for 12 years.