Tots get a lesson from lifesavers

Youngsters onboard Lytham's inshore lifeboat
Youngsters onboard Lytham's inshore lifeboat
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LIFE-saving water safety messages are being spread across the Fylde coast by volunteers from the RNLI.

Tots from Shepherd Lodge Nursery and Clifton Lodge Nursery in St Annes and Bluebell Lodge Nursery in South Shore were treated to a special visit from RNLI crew members, who took their lifeboat along for them to explore.

Katie Southern, manager of Shepherd Lodge on St Annes Road East, said: “The children loved it. We are trying to teach them about water safety so it was great to have a visit from the RNLI.

“Living on the Fylde coast, near water, it’s something we have to think about all year round. The children need to be aware and know they have to be careful.”

Shepherd Lodge Nursery also raised money for the RNLI SOS day by holding cake stalls and toy stalls.

Katie Jakeman, Shepherd Lodge Nursery’s deputy manager, said: “We’ve been doing lots of fun activities. We all dressed in RNLI colours and even had some RNLI crew member costumes.

“The children have been looking into water safety and were looking forward to the lifeboat coming.

“They thought of some questions to ask the crew members such as how fast the lifeboat goes and how do they rescue people from the water?

“We enjoy supporting the RNLI lifeboat charity and feel this is an important cause. We feel that this charity needs to be promoted due to the hard work and commitment from the crew members and their volunteers.

“We also feel children will benefit from gaining an understanding about the RNLI and the importance of their safety when in playing in the sea.”

The RNLI SOS Day, which was held on Friday, is their biggest fundraising event.

A spokesman for the RNLI said: “By raising funds on SOS day it helps to ensure our volunteer crew members and lifeguards can continue to provide our life-saving service.”