Tortured cats get loving new home

Carole Roberts  (right) and Naomi MacGregor with cats "Pickles" and "Marmalade".
Carole Roberts (right) and Naomi MacGregor with cats "Pickles" and "Marmalade".
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CATS discovered dumped outside an animal sanctuary after being cruelly tortured are having a great start to 2013 thanks to finding happiness in a new home

Pickle and Marmalade were two of five cats found near Easterleigh Animal Sanctuary in August, after suffering horrific injuries and malnourishment.

The pair have since made a steady recovery and have now been welcomed into a temporary new home with cat lover Carole Roberts.

She said: “They’ve settled in brilliantly.”

All five cats which were abandoned suffered serious injuries to their eyes which vets from Vets4Pets in St Annes said looked consistent with torture. Three had to be put to sleep.

But now Pickle and Marmalade, as they were named by staff at Easterleigh, have a new lease of life.

Mrs Roberts added: “They’re like different cats now.

“With them having been starved they could eat for everyone these days.

“You can see what’s happened to them but it doesn’t stop them.”

Mrs Roberts said the cats have already made their mark in her home on Tennyson Avenue, Thornton.

She added: “Pickle really takes care of her appearance but Marmalade is a bit of a ragamuffin. They love playing.”

Naomi MacGregor, who works at the sanctuary, said when the cats first arrived they were too thin and balding to even be stroked.

She said: “When they first came in they were so emaciated but they’re quite feisty now, at one point we thought they wouldn’t get to that point.”

The cats received a lot of veterinary care, including having their damaged eyes sewn up and getting vaccinations.

Ms MacGregor added: “It has been lovely to have the cats in a proper home over Christmas and New Year, though while they are okay there for a while, we still need to find a permanent home for them.

“It is very kind of Mrs Roberts to take them in and look after them. They went from the sanctuary to a nice, lovely home for the first time in their lives and that has to be a good thing.”

To give Marmalade and Pickle a permanent home, call Easterleigh Animal Sanctuary on (01253) 789185