Tories hope to keep control of council

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CONSERVATIVES in Wyre are confident of seeing off a Labour challenge in Thursday’s council elections.

The party’s manifesto for next month’s local elections for seats on which the Tories currently run commits to protecting front-line services and freezing council tax.

There are currently 45 conservative councillors serving in Wyre.

Candidates will be contesting all 55 seats on the council on May 5.

Group leader Peter Gibson said so far feedback from the public had been positive.

He said: “From our point of view borough wide the election is going very well and canvassing has been positive.

“I realise the coalition government has been left with a legacy of debt and have had to make difficult decisions.

“But what is coming through loud and clear is where there may be concerns nationally people in the borough believe Wyre is an excellent run council.

“Even the Labour leaflets talk about the Labour government, there can raise no issues within Wyre, there is nothing to complain about locally.

“We think without being complacent that the people at the polls will back us.

“It is a well run council, we have the second lowest council tax in Lancashire and any issues raised nationally do not reflect on us.”

But Labour leader Clive Grunshaw said he was expecting a larger than usual turnout of voters.

He said; “Getting positive feedback on the doorstep has been a challenge in recent times however this election campaign has seen a remarkable transformation.

“The election campaign has been dominated more by national issues rather than local and resident’s on the Fylde Coast have probably felt the impact of the cuts more than most.

“People are very disillusioned with the Tory-led Government and want to send a message to that they feel let down.

“This is certainly reflected in the response that we are now getting – I am anticipating a larger than usual turnout of voters and I am expecting the Labour Group in Wyre to make significant gains.

“We are not complacent and we also understand that many people are not so much warming to Labour as wanting to vote against the Tory-led Government’s cuts.

Eight Labour councillors, one independent and one Liberal Democrat currently represent Wyre.

No candidates from the Liberal Democrats will stand in Thursday’s elections.