Tories choose man to target Labour MP Gordon Marsden’s seat in the Blackpool South constituency

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A Parliamentary assistant has been picked by the Tories to challenge for Labour MP Gordon Marsden’s seat in the Blackpool South constituency.

Scott Benton, 31, has a “proven track record” of working for the community as councillor in Calderdale and as a volunteer, his party said. He has “strong family connections” to the area, it added.

Scott Benton

Scott Benton

If he manages to overturn Mr Marsden’s 2,523 majority at the next general election, Calder Valley MP Craig Whitaker’s aid said he would “hit the ground running to help deliver on key issues across Blackpool”.

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“Tourism is such a major factor driving the economy here I would work with the Government to provide additional support to the industry,” he said.

“I would also ensure that the planned improvements on the Northern Rail services are delivered as part of the new franchises, fight to bring crime rates down and help to improve education across the constituency. I will lead from the front in being a visible and credible campaigner and local MP.

“It’s now time for a change and I believe I am the right person to represent Blackpool South as the Conservative MP, standing up and fighting for residents in the heart of Westminster.”