Top officers pay overhauled

Blackpool Town Hall.
Blackpool Town Hall.
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Town hall bosses are to be set performance targets as part of a new pay rise scheme for the council’s top earners.

Recently chief officers at Blackpool Council have been given a fixed salary and have had pay frozen for the past three years.

But following a review it has been decided to increase their earnings incrementally in future – as long as they hit agreed targets.

This would bring them in line with other town hall staff, who already see pay increase if they hit performance targets.

If the officers hit the agreed targets, as judged by the chief executive, they will see their pay rise. They can continue to see their pay rise incrementally if they continue to hit targets, although there is a ceiling on this dictated by the pay scales of the roles.

The changes were agreed at a meeting of the Chief Officers Employment Committee when a review by consultants the Hay Group was presented.

Council leader Coun Simon Blackburn said: “Chief officer numbers in Blackpool have been reduced by more than half under this administration, providing savings for the taxpayer and making the remaining officers work very hard for their salary.

“Chief officers also voluntarily agreed an incremental pay freeze for the last three years, as opposed to one year by all other staff, in acknowledgement of the difficult financial climate and are paid in the bottom quartile of officers across the country.

“The Hays Report identifies a need to encourage further team working by departments and chief officers.

“As a result we want to incentivise chief officers to work together by setting performance targets and allowing them to end the incremental pay freeze if the chief executive is satisfied they have met their targets.

“The change essentially brings chief officer pay conditions in line with all other members of staff and I am satisfied this is a sensible step to take. We need to retain a stable group of experienced, quality chief officers who can steer the town in the right direction.”