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It’s a far cry from the last time we saw him - pampered and preened, winning Best In Show at Crufts 2014.

But top dog Ricky looks just as at home running riot on thebeach at Starr Gate as he did in the arena at the world’s most famous dog show.

Jason Lynn takes his Crufts winning dog Ricky out for a walk along with Flame and Cuba.

Jason Lynn takes his Crufts winning dog Ricky out for a walk along with Flame and Cuba.

The two-year-old standard poodle is back at his home in Westby after a flurry of engagements to celebrate winning the “ultimate” prize.

It’s onwards and upwards for owners Jason Lynn and Michael Gadsby who are already looking forward to the next litter.

And the poodle’s not been put on a pedestal, he’s just like any other dog; keen to be rolling in dirt, jumping in water and eating raw meat.

He celebrated his Crufts win with a steak, no less.

Proud owner Jason, 34, said: “He had a steak and a hamburger for winning and he was thrilled with that.

“He has a very normal life, the morning of the show he was running in the fields near the venue.

“We don’t obsess on protecting every hair, it’s important he has a lot of freedom and interacts with other dogs.He’s still completely boisterous.”

Of course you don’t win a clutch of awards and then Crufts without a little work put in first so Ricky sticks to a routine day-to day.

Jason said: “It’s a hobby that’s a way of life, our world revolves around the care of our dogs. The biggest part of getting him ready for a show is his coat care and keeping him fit and in good muscle tone.”

According to his owner the “precocious” young dog had “won everything there is to win” and they were already looking to his next litter before taking the crown at Crufts.

Ricky is set to take part in one more show next month, at the Poodle Club of USA, before his owners will use him for a new litter of puppies.

He already has a prize winning daughter, Molly, who won the reserves challenge certificate alongside him at Crufts (essentially making her the runner-up).

She is the seventh generation of the family bred from a bitch Michael, 52, had, all prize winners in their day.

Ricky’s great grandfather, Donny, was top dog all breeds at Crufts 2008 and his father and grandfather won competitions across the UK and US.

He’s cream of the crop though after taking the top prize for the owners who’ve been breeding and competing dogs for decades.

Jason added: “It’s the ultimate accolade in the dog showing world but it was one achievement we’d never quite had. Then this year we had two dogs in the final - it was quite a year.”

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