Too many courgettes for Tommy

Tom with his courgettes
Tom with his courgettes

It isn’t only people who have been enjoying the recent a Pilling gardener has found out.

Green fingered Tom Boyd has had to resort to giving away courgettes after more than 40 of them grew on his plot during the hot weather.

More than 40 have grown on the plot.

More than 40 have grown on the plot.

He has given 10 to his neighbours and has placed the rest outside his home for passers by to take.

Tom said: “I haven’t got room to store all of them, so hopefully other people will be able to enjoy them.”

The 77-year-old has only lived at the property on Smallwood Hey Road for six months, and previously had a much bigger garden at his home in Mains Lane, Singleton. The retired landscape gardener said he can’t believe how many grew and puts it down to the sunny weather.

He added: “It’s just luck really, but it most certainly must have been the weather we have been having

this summer for this amount to grow.”

Tom, who is also a lay reader at St Annes church in Singleton, said his neighbours appreciate what he has given to them.

The yellow courgettes, which are almost marrow sized, make up only a small section of Tom’s vegetable plot.

There are also onions, parsnips, beetroot, and celery – all grown in his garden. He added: “You name it, I probably grow it!

“The only thing I don’t grown anymore is potatoes as I don’t have the space here.

“It’s a hobby, so I only grow what I can eat.”

Tom is the only one in the house with green fingers as his wife, Norma, stays away.

He said: “She likes to eat the veg and show it to all of her friends, but she keeps away from the plot itself.”