Toaster sparks emergency in Normoss

The incident happened on Avenue Road
The incident happened on Avenue Road

A toaster sparked a fire in the kitchen of a family home in Normoss, say fire services.

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Crews from Blackpool were called out to the incident on Avenue Road at around 6.40pm on Thursday, January 19.

Firefighters say a Russell Hobs toaster, which is not believed to have been in use at the time of the fire, ignited and caused a fire which spread to kitchen units.

Watch Manager Warren Top said: "It was an unusual fire as although the toaster was plugged in, it was not in use at the time.

"All the members of the family were in the living room, and were unaware of the fire until a smoke alarm sounded.

"The husband was extremely quick thinking and used a fire blanket to bundle the toaster up and throw it into the garden.

"Obviously, we would never recommend that members of the public tackle their own fires as it is extremely risky, but his actions probably saved their property from further damage.

"Crews checked the electrics and made sure they were safe and cleared the property of smoke using a ventilation unit.

"It could have been a completely different outcome had the family not had a smoke alarm."

Nobody was injured in the incident.