‘Tired’ nuisance caller rang 999...to ask police to move her mattress

A mattress
A mattress
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Nuisance caller Jane Smith asked the police to move her mattress for her because she was tired, a court heard.

The 53-year-old bombarded “999” police and ambulance emergency lines despite the fact she received an official police warning forbidding her from abusing the service.

Smith, of Withnell Road, South Shore, admitted sending annoying and false messages when she appeared before Blackpool Magistrates.

Sarah Perkins, prosecuting, said that on one day alone Smith rang “999” 14 times and despite being offered help for her compulsion she would not engage with assistance.

The calls included rants about her illnesses, her doctor and allegations that a police officer had called her a prostitute.

She also told police that ISIS were coming for them.

The prosecutor said: “She even asked police to help her move her mattress because she was tired.

“She was wasting the call handlers time and blocking genuine callers getting help.”

Smith was given a 12 month community sentence with 30 days rehabilitation.

She was ordered to pay £220 fines and costs.

She was put on a two year Criminal Behaviour Order forbidding her from harassing ambulance staff and police staff apart from in genuine emergencies.

Her lawyer Peter Manning said: “She now says she will engage with help offered to her.

“She is contrite and this has been a big wake up call for her.”