Thug framed on Facebook

Dean Mawdsley
Dean Mawdsley
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A THUG who carried out a street robbery was framed by his Facebook picture.

Dean Mawdesley – known by the nickname Diamondhead – was identified as the robber when the victim was shown his image on the social networking website.

Mawdesley, of Grange Park, Blackpool, had threatened the youngster in the South Shore area one evening before going on to take his motorcycle.

The defendant, 20, was given 18 months’ youth custody by a judge at Preston Crown Court. He had pleaded guilty to a charge of robbery.

The court heard that at the time he already had two previous convictions for robbery.

The offence dated back to the evening of March 11 last year when a college student was pushing his off road motorcycle along Waterloo Road, Blackpool.

At the time, the victim was walking with a friend and two others.

Richard Archer, prosecuting, said Mawdesley and another male shouted from behind, asking the group for a cigarette.

The defendant eventually approached the victim, saying he was ‘giving him lip’.

The student tried to get away quickly and attempted to jump start his machine.

Mawdesley asked him “Do you know who I am? You soon will do”.

The defendant, then aged 19, grabbed hold of the handlebars and went on to try and punch the young man, but missed.

A friend of the victim tried to protect him.

The young man tried to retrieve his motorcycle, but was told by the defendant “If you come down this alleyway I’m going to smash your face in”.

Mr Archer added: “Afterwards he told friends and family what had happened and described the male. He was shown a picture of a male on Facebook, nicknamed Diamondhead.

“He was able to confirm that was the person who took his bike”.

Mawdesley was arrested at his home on Dinmore Avenue, Grange Park.

His first conviction for robbery in September 2006 had involved him taking a mobile phone and a cap. He was given 12 months’ supervision for that offence.

His second robbery conviction was in August 2007 and led to supervision and community punishment being imposed. In that instance he had robbed someone, while acting with others, of a push bike and jewellery.

Sharon Watson, defending, said Mawdesley knew a custodial sentence would follow in the latest case and was ‘taking it on the chin’.

A pre-sentence report by the probation service described him as acting more out of stupidity and naivety, rather than maliciousness.

Miss Watson told the court: “It is perfectly plain this young man seems to have an unhealthy interest in mopeds, motorcycles and bicycles belonging to other people.

“He used minimum force here to effectively bully this young man and take his bike away from him.

“He says he wants to change his ways. He has expressed remorse.”

The court also heard that as a youth, Mawdesley had at one point been signed by an unnamed Premier League team.