Three’s company for triplet sisters

The triplets now - left ro r: Joanne Cathie, Maureen Simms, Bernadette Carnie
The triplets now - left ro r: Joanne Cathie, Maureen Simms, Bernadette Carnie
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For triplet sisters Maureen, Bernadette and Joanne three’s always been company and never a crowd.

The Cathie triplets have spent the last 43 years in each other’s company and even today all live within a five minute walk of one another.

They hit the headlines when the were born in the resort in 1970 and will be taking centre stage once more when Bernadette gets married, with her two sisters as bridesmaids.

Bernadette will tie the knot with her intended John McManus at Singleton Lodge on November 1 and Maureen and Bernadette will be standing right behind her.

“We’ve always done everything together,” said Maureen, who now goes by the surname Simms.

“As children no-one could tell us apart and we used to get up to all sorts of pranks.

“At school we were separated into different classes, but we used to swap rooms and the teachers never noticed.”

Maureen will be chief bridesmaid at the wedding, while Bernadette and Joanne performed the honours when Maureen got hitched.

When mum Veronica, now Earnshaw, gave birth to the three girls she had no idea what she was letting herself in for.

“It must have been such hard work for mum,” said Maureen.

“She already had one daughter, my sister Tracey who is only 11 months older, and with us three to deal with, it must have been exhausting.

“As kids, no-one could tell us apart.

“My gran never knew which one of us was which but we had loads of fun over they years.

“We’ve always done everything together. We all work in 
catering and have worked as cooks together in the same restaurant.

“We didn’t plan it, it just worked out that way – I suppose, being so close, we have the same interests.”

The sisters all live in South Shore, just a few minutes away from each other, with Maureen living in Ilford Road, Bernadette, Marton Drive and Joanne in Park Road.

The girls will be heading off on a hen night together, complete with stretch limousine before partying in Poulton.