Threatened Blackpool church won’t give up ghost

Blackpool Spiritualist Church
Blackpool Spiritualist Church
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An historic church that faced closure has been given a lifeline.

The Blackpool Spiritualist Church, on Albert Road, announced proposals last month to sell off the old building and replace it with a more modern church with parking places, as the premises were ‘no longer fit for purpose’.

It is owned by the people of Blackpool. They paid for every brick that was built.

Church members protested against the motion at a meeting earlier this month.

Now, they have been given extra time to raise enough money to repair significant parts of the church.

Church president Ronnie Campbell said: “There’s a lot of brickwork that needs sorting out. There are drain issues that need sorting. We have got leaks coming through the roof at the front of the building that’s getting into the cellar. The main issue is getting disabled access.”

It is estimated the total cost of repairs will amount to between £80,000 and £90,000. The spiritualist church was founded in 1896 by famous spiritualist medium Emma Hardinge Britten. It was one of the first spiritualist churches ever to be built in England.

Ronnie said: “It is owned by the people of Blackpool. They paid for every brick that was built.

“It deserves to stay there. It’s a beautiful church and it doesn’t deserve to be turned into a wine bar or pigeon loft.

“If we can make a good start and we can see that we’re making good progress, that’s fine.

“If we start seeing movement then there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.”

l Can you help Blackpool Spiritualist Church? Contact Ronnie at the church on (01253) 753743.