Thornton residents fear junction is a danger

A junction on a residential road in Thornton has been flagged up by concerned residents as an accident waiting to happen.

Friday, 16th August 2019, 6:03 pm
Coun Holly Swales with Thornton resident Krysia Russell who say speeding drivers are causing problems on Lawsons Road near the junction with Briar Road and Lancaster Road.

They say that some of the cars travelling down Lawsons Road are swinging into the unusual double and forked junction with Briar Road and Lancaster Avenue at such a speed that they fear a serious collision could happen at any time.

Ward councillor Holly Swales says the junction is a potential hazard for motorists coming out of the Briar Road junction and schoolchildren and pensioners trying to walk across the road.

Lancashire County Council, the road authority, says the junction has a safe record and there have been no accidents there in the last five years.

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But residents say it is giving them real concerns at the present time and they have raised it with Coun Swales, the Labour representative for Bourne ward.

Coun Swales said: "Looking at these junctions, I can understand why residents are worried.

"When cars come down Lawsons Road they can swing into Lancaster Road without slowing down - but you also have traffic coming out of the Briar Road junction.

"People say there is a real risk of a collision.

"It also also very dangerous to pedestrians trying to cross that junction, especially schoolchildren and the older pensioners who live around there, because of the way cars come down Lancaster Road from Lawsons Road.

"I have been trying to organise a meeting with County Council representatives so they can come here and see it for themselves.

"Maybe traffic lights are the answer, maybe some other measure just to slow things down."

Rebecca Hatch, 37, of nearby Hatfield Close, said: "I raised this issue because some drivers are not taking enough care when they come round on Lawsons Road.

"It is an accident waiting to happen."

Another resident, Krysia Russell, said the speed of traffic where the three road met was a real problem.

A Lancashire County Council spokesman said: "We are not aware of any concerns having been raised with us recently.

"If people have concerns about road safety we would ask them to contact us so that we can investigate."

Residents can contact the highways enquiry number on 0300 123 6780.