Thieves urged to hand back charity cash

Alpha Vets on Layton Road.
Alpha Vets on Layton Road.
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A vet today made a passionate plea to heartless thieves who stole a collection tin for an animal charity to do the right thing and bring it back.

Maria Halligan was with a customer for her final consultation of the day when she heard a noise coming from the reception area of Alpha Vets, in Layton.

After going to investigate the disturbance on Tuesday evening, she discovered an RSPCA collection box – which was full at the time – had gone missing.

She said: “Myself and the nurse heard some kind of excited shrieking and the dogs started barking.

“I left the room to have a look and the collection box had gone. I sounded like there was more than one person.

“It’s absolutely frustrating. It’s just disgraceful that people behave in such a way.”

Her first concern is getting the money back, which had been kindly donated by customers at the Layton Road surgery.

It is not known exactly how much was in the tin. But the vet has now made a direct appeal for the thieves to bring back the money, which was donated to help suffering animals.

She said: “The donations that you have taken for yourselves were given for animals in need – abandoned, unwanted, ill and injured animals requiring charity help. Please consider returning what you have taken.”

She said the incident would not stop them raising money for charity, but they would make sure the tin is emptied more often.

She added: “These people can deal with their consciences – we just want the money to be returned.”