Thieves steal laptop full of baby pictures

13-month-old Ellis with his parents Matt Rogers and Emma Gawthorpe
13-month-old Ellis with his parents Matt Rogers and Emma Gawthorpe
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The family of a boy who has recently undergone surgery have put up a reward for the return of a stolen computer containing his baby photos.

Emma Gawthorpe, 22, was devastated to find her pink Samsung laptop stolen during a burglary at her father’s flat in Bold Street,Fleetwood, on Friday night.

Not only did the thieves take the laptop, they also stole a Disney money box containing £65 which belonged to 13-month-old Ellis, and another child’s money box which also contained cash.

Ellis was born 16 weeks early, and on Monday he underwent a fifth operation to insert a feeding tube directly into his abdomen.

But while doctors were preparing him for surgery at Manchester Children’s Hospital, yobs were stealing his money and his mum’s laptop.

Emma’s mother Katie Hampson said: “There were hundreds of photos on it, all of them from the day he was born.

“Some things you can’t replace, and we are just pleading for its return. We believe whoever took it knew the circumstances and were aware there would be nobody in.

“They had to get through a communal door at the front before getting to the flat.

“It’s unbelievable because my Labrador had been staying there but I’d taken him home.”

Ellis, who lives in Victoria Street with his mother and father, Matt Rogers, 25, has had a tough time since he was born on Boxing Day 2013.

His premature arrival has left him with cerebral palsy, partial vision and a hole in his heart.

“It’s the sentimental value of the pictures,” said Katie.

“They show his life from being a tiny baby. He’s been through a lot, but he’s a little smiler.

“Emma’s father Jamie has put up a £150 reward for the return of the laptop. I would say please get in touch, there’ll be no questions asked as long as we get it back. Jamie’s number is 07932 013808.”

Sgt Dan Whitaker of Fleetwood Police said: “There was an entire search of the property and furniture had been moved about.

“A door had been forced in the communal area before moving to the back of the premises, where a lock on the rear door was forced.

“Forensic officers have examined the scene, and we have already made house-to-house inquiries which will be extended further.

“We are waiting now for the forensic reports.

“If anyone has any information, please contact us in the strictest confidence on 101 or at Fleetwood Police Station.