Thieves steal dog called Asbo

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A FLEETWOOD woman has blasted heartless thieves who have stolen her family's beloved pet.

Karen Minto, 22, of Derwent Avenue has been left heartbroken after her family returned from a hospital appointment on Thursday to find their home had been broken into. After a frantic search, they discovered that the only thing that had been taken was their five months old rottweiler puppy, Asbo.

Mother of three Mrs Minto – who is four months pregnant – said: "My three children are just devastated.

"How could anybody be so heartless as to steal somebody's pet? - They are like members of your family.

"We are worried somebody has stolen him to sell him on.

"We only got Asbo about six weeks ago but my children, especially my three-year-old Angel Louise, as well as son Morgan Lee, two and Gypsi Rose, one, has got really attached.

"When she realised he was missing she just burst into tears and keeps asking where he has gone."

"I can't believe anybody could be so heartless, Asbo must have been terrified."

The thieves did not take the family's other pet, a nine-year old Alsatian cross. Asbo was given to the family by a friend but Mrs Minto believes the pups are quite expensive to buy.

She said: "We think they have got in through the dog flap on the back door, maybe a child crawled through and unlocked the door?"

DC Scott Hoyle from Fleetwood police station said: "We are appealing to the public to keep their eyes open for Asbo.

"He has an eye condition which makes him slightly cross-eyed so he should be easy to recognise.

"Anybody who knows about this crime should contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555111 or Fleetwood police on (01253) 876611."