Thieves deal blow to armed forces charity

Andy Lee at the Tee Time Golf Centre, Bispham
Andy Lee at the Tee Time Golf Centre, Bispham
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HEARTLESS thieves were today slammed after kicking down a door and stealing charity cash.

Tee-time Golf Centre, in Thornton, is bidding to raise hundreds of pounds for Hounds for Heroes – but their fundraising efforts were dealt a cruel blow after the main charity tin was stolen.

Thieves kicked down the door of the Fleetwood Road centre kiosk and took around £100 worth of raffle cash, alongside chocolate and cans.

And owner Andy Lee said while the stolen stock and door damage is an inconvenience, the charity theft is hard to stomach.

He said: “I just think it’s sickening behaviour.

“Whoever has taken it absolutely knows it’s a charity tin – it’s branded with the Hounds for Heroes logo.

“It’s a blow to our fundraising but I would question the morals of whoever has stolen from a charity.

“The loss of the chocolate and the cans and the damage to the door itself is more of an inconvenience but when it comes to charity money it makes the theft more difficult to comprehend.”

The thieves struck on Thursday night, just three weeks after Tee-Time began its fundraising efforts for the military charity. The money had been collected as part of a raffle in aid of the charity, which provides specially trained dogs for injured servicemen.

Mr Lee added: “We are only about four weeks into our fundraising for the year and this happens.

“It’s a bit of a blow.

“We’ve only just taken over the driving range and had decided to adopt a charity in association with our professional golfer Sharon Brookes.

“It’s unfortunate this has happened I would question the person’s morals, but if you’re prepared to kick a door down I suppose you are not bothered about the next step.”

The police have been informed.