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Blackpool Chilli Festival 2017
Blackpool Chilli Festival 2017
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Fire-breathers put their tastebuds to the test with the world’s most intense chillis at Blackpool’s annual chilli festival.

People enjoyed live music and chilli-eating competitions at the festival in St John’s Square on Saturday - as well as taste-testing a wide variety of chilli chutneys and sauces, ranging from mild to deadly.

Ice creams and cold drinks were on hand for those who struggled to take the heat.

The event, organised by Blackpool BID, attracted businesses from across the North West, including vodka liquer company Retroshots, Wiga Wagaa Chillis, Indian Delights caterers, the Madhatters Cider Bar, Shirley’s Pies and chilli sauce company Dare U Foods.

Michael Williams, chairman of Blackpool BID, said: “It was a very successful event. I think theaccommodation of the weather was a great boost for us and the stage with live entertainment was very well received.

“The collection of different stalls, from ice cream to chillis, from meat to cooked food made it a nice event for everyone.

“It was very busy at times.

“Of course we had the Blackpool Junior Dance Festival at the Winter Gardents and they too were enjoying the music, and it really animated the square throughout the day.”

Carolyn Horton, manager at Shirley’s Pies in Poulton, said: “It was really good. I thought it had a really good set-up with lots going on, and we had a really great day and we did sell a few pies.

“We made some chilli pasties, chilli con carne pies, and we had the Scotch Bonnet pork pies - apparently it’s the hottest chilli in the world.

“We’re most definitely going to do that one again.”

Confectionary company Jeni’s Cupcakes sold chilli-based treats at the event.

Business owner Jeni Ball said: “It was a good day all in all. The weather was very good to us and there was a lot of other businesses there.

“We had a good day and if we’re invited we’ll go next year.”

The next festival event to occur in St John’s Square will be the Spring Food Festival on May 27.