They are pink wizards from Oz

Colin Wilson on duty for The Australian Pink Floyd Show, which comes to Blackpool Opera House .
Colin Wilson on duty for The Australian Pink Floyd Show, which comes to Blackpool Opera House .
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BASS player and vocalist with The Australian Pink Floyd, Colin Wilson (pictured right) is the first to admit there’s a certain irony about the band’s success.

Originally formed in Adelaide in 1988 (he joined later in 1993), by a group of like-minded musicians who “fancied the idea of playing music they loved the most,” the band has become a major venue filler in its own right and will be at Blackpool Opera House on Saturday.

“It was before tribute bands had taken off but, because Australia is so big and relatively sparsely populated, we were being missed out by the big bands – especially in Adelaide,” says Colin.

By the time he joined, the band originally called Think Pink, had changed its name and started to build a solid UK following after being picked for a Floyd Convention.

From 1993 onwards their tribute has never looked back and here’s the irony – with quadrophonic sound, 3D special effects and a back-up team almost as large as the real Pink Floyd’s, they are now too big to play many gigs in their homeland.

“It’s the same logistical problems that we formed as a reaction to,” said Colin. “We are aware of the irony and sometimes wonder if there’s a young band somewhere in Oz paying tribute to us paying tribute to Pink Floyd!”

The band still keeps a keen eye on their inspiration. “Pink Floyd were well known for their surround sound and as far as the 3D goes we asked ourselves what would they be doing with new technology if they were touring like we do.

“So last year we went back to square one and re-designed the whole show.”

And yes, audience members are advised to wear special 3D glasses in the show’s second half.

“It’s gone down well in Eastern Europe,” said Colin. “We have to think carefully about how far we can push it with the stage show.”

To keep things fresh, most members have dabbled in side projects “to let off steam.

“But this thing keeps us busy,” he says. “It’s not just stepping out on stage, there’s so much preparation to be done and, because of that, the years just seem to fly by.

“We are already booked well into the future, so we’ll be coming up with new ideas to keep everything fresh.”