These bizarre creatures are turning up on Blackpool's beaches - here's what they are:

Strange animals spotted on beached in Blackpool have left locals puzzled.

Thursday, 16th May 2019, 1:05 pm
Masked Crab

The crabs, which have a pointed, horn-like nose, are a type of burrowing crab called a "Masked Crab" (Corystes Cassivelaunus).

The creatures burrow backwards into the sand to hide themselves, and use their two long antennae as a form of breathing apparatus.


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The Masked Crab with its bizarre nose.

Once concealed in the sand, they prey on tiny worms and molluscs.

The crab are found in the North Atlantic and Mediterranean waters, and can grow to around 1.6 inches long - not including their noses!

The Masked Crab name derives from the fact that the pattern on their shell can sometimes resemble a human face.

While dead Masked Crabs often wash up on beaches, finding live ones often requires digging into the sand at low tide.

Keep your eyes peeled for the odd little creatures when you are out enjoying the sunshine this summer.