‘There’s someone’s feet going in your window’

Preston Crown Court
Preston Crown Court
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A burglar was allegedly caught red-handed when a homeowner spotted him in their house holding a large knife.

Jay Ormerod, 32, was allegedly involved in the incident after a resident returned home to find a man in his ground floor flat holding the knife.

A court heard the victim had left his home on Chepstow Road, Grange Park, on January 22, this year, to go and meet friends for a drink in a nearby pub, not realising his flat wasn’t secure.

It was about an hour after he left - around 1.25pm – that he received a call from his mum, who had been waiting at a nearby bus stop, telling him she had seen somebody’s feet going through his window.

He jumped into action and quickly sourced a lift to get him back to his home from another man, who had been having breakfast in a cafe near the pub at the time, the court heard.

Once they arrived at the flat hecould tell something was up as the bathroom window was “pulled to”. He made his way to the back of the property while the other man kept an eye on the front door and window.

Preston Crown Court heard the resident looked in a back window and could see a man standing in the living room.

He said in his evidence, which was read in court: “He shouted in a threatening manner ‘I’ll kick your head in’ or something of that manner.”

The man in the flat then walked out of view and he picked up a half brick to try and break one of the double-glazed windows, but only succeeded in breaking the outer pane. He believes the man felt “trapped” with the other man at the front and him at the back, adding a short time later the man walked into the living room “brandishing a knife”.

“The situation had obviously escalated with him arming himself with a knife and I feared for my safety,” he said.

The knife, possibly taken from a block in the kitchen, had a seven inch blade, the court heard.

He then allegedly told the intruder to “do yourself a favour, put my stuff down and leave my house”, before walking to the front of the flat and allowing him to make his escape. While he made his way around the back, he saw the closed blinds in the front twitch.

Roger Baldwin, prosecuting, asked the other man: “Somebody was in the house who shouldn’t have been? “ He replied yes.

Adding: “I shouted somebody was in the house immediately.” Moments later the man looked out of the window and soon after, opened the blinds and tried to get out.

Giving evidence in court, the second man said: “He opened the blinds, I noticed he had a knife in his hand and opened the window.”

He added the man in the flat then said something along the lines of “right we’re having it” before putting his knee on the sill of the window.

At this point, the court heard, he moved forward and closed the window on the man’s arm holding the knife and he retreated back into the flat.

Shortly after this the flat resident went to the front and the intruder escaped.

He finally gained entry by use of his mum’s key and found two credit cards had been taken, about £100 in cash, a front door key and an internet cable. The cable was later found near the back of his flat.

The court heard that while the flat was not untidy it was clear drawers had been looked through and some of his possessions, including a laptop a bottle full of change, had been put together.

The police were informed and the house examined.

Then, on the afternoon of February 4, the second man was in his car and stopped at a junction and believed he saw the burglar approaching a crossing.

He informed police and told them what shop he thought the man had been in.

The police then, using CCTV, tracked Ormerod, of Blackpool, to Forshaw Avenue, Grange Park on February 12 and arrested him. He subsequently identified Ormerod in an electronic ID parade.

Ormerod was later charged with one count of burglary to which he pleads not guilty.