Theft won’t halt children’s play

Thingamajigz Children's Fun Centre at Furness Drive, Poulton le Fylde
Thingamajigz Children's Fun Centre at Furness Drive, Poulton le Fylde
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THE boss of a children’s play centre has vowed not to let thieves destroy his business.

Raiders targeted Thingamajigz, on Poulton Business Park, in the early hours of Monday and escaped with a safe after smashing their way into the play centre.

But boss Rob Walker said security were quickly on to the thieves – and has warned others against trying a similar thing.


Mr Walker said: “They’ve broken in and caused damaged and stolen the safe.

“It’s devastating, but fortunately we’ve got on-site security and with the alarm going off security came and chased them off.

“Security managed to stop them in the act and that’s what scared them off.

“They didn’t get very much and the police got good finger prints and are investigating.”

The centre had to close on Monday morning as staff worked to clear up the mess, caused after the thieves smashed their way through the door into the kitchen.

But they managed to open in time to welcome a children’s birthday party in the afternoon.

It is the second time Thingamajigz has been burgled after thieves struck in 2009.

And Mr Walker said he did not understand why raiders felt the need to target small businesses.

He added: “It makes it very hard for us.

“It’s not only the upset of being broken into but the business had to close for half a day.

“It’s a children’s play centre and we had to turn a lot of kids away in the morning – a little girl was crying her eyes out because she couldn’t come and play.

“It’s not in a rough area, it’s a nice area and this really is upsetting.

“I just wonder why people are breaking into small businesses,

“I don’t think there’s anything of value here they can pinch.

“They can’t pinch the giant slide.”

Police are now investigating the burglary.