'The speed limits are not working' say Wesham residents

Fleetwood Road in Wesham
Fleetwood Road in Wesham
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A number of residents in Wesham have called on police to penalise speeding motorists using the village as a ‘rat run’.

A number of roads, such as Garstang Road North, West View, Station Road and Weeton Road have 20mph speed limits but residents feel they have been long ignored by motorists and the police do not do enough to enforce the limits.

Motorists have been accused of ignoring the speed limit.

Motorists have been accused of ignoring the speed limit.

Karen Paton-Chesney, 58, lives on West View and wants something to be done about the motorists speeding through the villages narrow roads.

She said: “A lot of children play on West View and the amount of cars that speed along here is ridiculous. I think there is an accident waiting to happen unless something is done about the number of drivers using Wesham as a rat run.

“The limits have been in place for a number of years now and hardly anyone drives at 20mph because there is no deterrent to do so and the police should be doing something about it.

Despite the call for motorists to keep to 20mph, Fylde councillor, Liz Oades, doesn’t believe it should be a ‘blanket’ speed limit.

She said: “I was originally opposed to the 20mph limits in Wesham and Kirkham as I believed that no one would stick to them, which is what we have seen and it was costly scheme as well.

“I think it should be a 30mph throughout Wesham and 20mph zones should be placed outside schools and care homes for example. I think people would be more likely to slow down in those sorts of areas, especially with the flashing signs.

“If you look at what they have done in Lytham and St Annes with the flashing 20mph signs outside the schools it is more efficient and has worked well but they have obviously not got round to doing Kirkham and Wesham yet.”

Lancashire Police were contacted but failed to comment on the story.