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Nicola Dickinson, speed dating
Nicola Dickinson, speed dating
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In this modern day and age, spending time on dating apps might seem to have taken over from people looking for love actually getting out and about.

But for those who are sick of ‘swiping left’ or receiving no suitable matches, or wasting their valuable time on dating disasters, the good news is speed dating – which became very popular in the late 90 and early 2000s – is making something of a resurgence.

And next Tuesday, there will be a chance to take part in speed dating in Blackpool.

Organised by Shonagh Gillespies Events and Productions, a masquerade speed dating night will take place at The Wainwright Club, Horny Road, Blackpool. Costume or a mask are optional and there will be prizes for the best. Sessions run from 7 until 9pm for ages 40s and 50s and 9 until 11pm for 20s and 30s.

Nicola Dickson, who runs Shonagh Gillespies, said the last event produced 12 matches and one couple were still dating: “People have said that meeting people face-to-face gives you an idea of who they are and how they react in a social setting – as compared to dating online, like Tinder, where you give them a quick glance and if they don’t appeal, you swipe left.

“Plus spending a whole evening with someone you don’t know can be quite daunting, whereas speed dating is short and sweet and you can get four minutes per date. Plus you are in a group of speed daters – all kindred spirits. And you get the opportunity to make friends with the other speed daters.

“At the most you get a date and at the least you might make new friends, have a laugh and if you don’t get a match, you will receive a free ticket to the next speed dating event.”

There will also be another themed speed dating event at Pilling pottery, this time with daters chatting over a potters’ wheel – a la the film Ghost.

* Tickets cost £10 and must be booked in advance, visit or email or phone 07947161891.