‘The King’ is not dead – boss vows

Gerry Flynn has had to remove his Burger King signs informing the public he was still open
Gerry Flynn has had to remove his Burger King signs informing the public he was still open
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THE boss of a fast food chain is up in arms after council bosses told him to take down signs informing shoppers he was still open.

Gerry Flynn, manager at Burger King on Church Street, Blackpool, put up signs in the surrounding area of the shop because he claimed many people thought the premises were closed because of work being done on the Promenade.

New tram tracks and construction work on the Tower Headland are all being completed close to the Burger King shop.

But Mr Flynn says Blackpool Council is not doing enough to help.

He said: “What is frustrating from my point of view is no-one from Blackpool Council has come in to ask what they could do to help us.

“I got some proper signs and the next day someone came in to say I was going to be hit with a £75 fine if I didn’t take them down.”

Mr Flynn says the signs had worked in letting people know his shop was open and they had an “immediate impact”.

As soon as they came down sales dropped again, he said.

Work on the seafront route is not expected to be finished until July and Mr Flynn is now calling on the council to help.

He added: “When you walk down Market Street it looks completely shutdown.

“If I could put up the signs that were there previously or put up an A-board at the bottom of Market Street, people could see the business is still open.”

Town hall chiefs say help has been given to businesses but they could not tolerate businesses put up their own signs on lamp posts.

A spokesman said: “We have offered considerable help to businesses in terms of signage around the town, leaflets to hotels and other businesses informing people of the fact all businesses are open as usual along the Promenade.

“We have also promoted the fact locally to residents.

“We do not allow anyone to hang posters or signage from lamp posts for a number of reasons, whenever we see such notices being posted we will have them removed.”