‘That’s it I quit’ says landlord in the dock

The Tangerine Tavern on St Annes Road Blackpool
The Tangerine Tavern on St Annes Road Blackpool
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A Blackpool landlord who admitted breaching the terms of his licence is to leave the pub trade for good, claiming red tape means he can no longer make a living out of serving booze.

Peter Flynn says the last straw was when he was hauled before magistrates this week following a brawl outside one of his premises.

Police were called to a fight outside the Tangerine Tavern on St Annes Road on July 27 this year.They had been watching a boxing match at the nearby Waterloo pub, which Mr Flynn also ran.But now he has himself “thrown in the towel” after getting “sick and tired” of running bars in the town.

Flynn, of Preston New Road, Marton, admitted breaching the terms of the licence of the Tangerine 

Victoria Cartmell prosecuting on behalf of Lancashire Police and Blackpool Council said a witness said Flynn had agreed to service after time but only after he demanded £500 in cash behind the bar from one of those involved.

She added: “It was at 1.30am police were called to the Tangerine Tavern following reports of about 20 men fighting outside.

“Many of them had been to a boxing match at the Waterloo Hotel earlier that night.

“Officers called for reinforcements and noticed people coming in and out of the Tangerine Tavern side fire escape. When they went in they found people still drinking well after the closing time displayed on the premises.

“It was a volatile situation and police had to split extremely drunk aggressive groups up.”

Trevor Colebourne, defending, told magistrates: “Mr Flynn is an experienced licencee and he has already decided to hand in his personal licence today.

“He has had enough- he is sick and tired of this type of work and wants to throw the towel in.” As well as having his alcohol licence forfeited Flynn, who is a former chairman of Thornton Cleveleys Round Table, was fined £355 and ordered to pay £300 costs.

After the hearing he said: “It wasn’t fighting, they were just pushing and shoving.

“I volunteered to surrender my licence, I am tired of all the obstacles thrown in front of me by the authorities.

“There are 30 pubs a day shutting down all over the country and they are throwing so much in your way that you can’t make a living.

“I am mortified I have had to do this, because I have got loyal staff.”

Licences have been transferred so both the Tangerine Tavern and the Waterloo can continue to trade.

Coun Gillian Campbell, Cabinet Member responsible for licensing, said: “Mr Flynn has unashamedly breached his conditions for serving alcohol and the court’s decision to remove his licence is the correct one.

“I’m really pleased that the court has taken this breach seriously and handed out a strong punishment to him.

“This serves as a message to all other licence holders who think that they can ignore the rules and get away with it.

“Off the back of this, and following other complaints regarding noise from the Tangerine Tavern, we will be reviewing the license of the premise shortly.

“We are always trying to make running clubs a safer profession for landlords and customers and as such ask for certain laws to be adhered to. If Mr Flynn thinks that these safety procedures are simply meaningless red tape then that worries me.”