Teenager arrested after car chase

Benjamin Green was arrested in Blackpool Victoria's A&E department car park
Benjamin Green was arrested in Blackpool Victoria's A&E department car park
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A teenager’s temper led to a car chase in Blackpool where two vehicles “flew” past an ambulance on an emergency response.

A court heard that four sets of red lights were ignored as Benjamin Green and the motorist in front sped through.

The incident ended with police bringing the cars to a stop on the car park of Blackpool Victoria’s A&E department.

Green then told officers “He threatened my girlfriend. I called the police but you did nothing”.

Green, 19, of Wilvere Drive, Cleveleys, had pleaded guilty at the magistrates court to an offence of dangerous driving. He had been committed to Preston Crown Court for sentencing.

The other male had also been arrested following the events in January but no evidence was offered against him.


Green was initially spoken to by a special constable who saw him swerve onto the Odeon car park. He told that constable “how would you react if someone had thrown eggs at your car?”

Alexander Langhorn, prosecuting, said about an hour later, the defendant began to follow a Fiat Punto car he saw on Central Drive, Blackpool. The Punto and the defendant’s Ford Focus were said to have flown past an ambulance responding to an emergency.

They turned into Whitegate Drive and then Forest Drive. They ended up going into Park Drive. They had passed through four red lights in all.

The two vehicles were said to have gone on to do two circuits of the car park at Blackpool Victoria A & E.

Police were able to pull in front of the Punto and bring them to a halt.

Green was given eight months detention, suspended for two years, with a two year driving ban.