Teenage girl’s Asbo shame

Charlotte Rogers
Charlotte Rogers
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A TEENAGER who terrorised shop workers and other youngsters has been given an Asbo banning her from parts of Bispham.

Charlotte Rogers, 17, of Gloucester Avenue, Blackpool, was given the Anti-Social Behaviour Order (Asbo) by Blackpool Magistrates’ Court after police presented evidence of her unruly behaviour.

Rogers had made life a misery for staff at the Spar shop, the Happy Shopper and at Whiteholme Youth club on All Saints Road, Bispham, with threatening and abusive behaviour.

The Asbo prevents her from going near those premises.

She is also banned from acting in a manner likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to anyone outside her household and cannot use foul, abusive, threatening, intimidating language or behaviour within the set area from which she is barred.

She is also prevented from associating with two 16-year-girls in the area.

PC Richard James, community beat manager for the Ingthorpe ward, said: “Rogers has been thoroughly unpleasant in her behaviour towards a large number of people in Bispham, particularly those working in shops and attending the youth club.

“The Asbo should prevent this behaviour from continuing and also act as a deterrent to others who cause a nuisance to residents.”

Bispham councillor, Don Clapham added: “Shop workers and the people at Whiteholme Youth Centre – who are there for a very good purpose – should be protected.

“I’m fully supportive of an Asbo being registered on the young lady and I hope it has the salutary affect on improving her behaviour in our society.