Teen tells of ‘bribe’ to take blame for shooting

A scenes of crime officer at the shooting site in Accrington
A scenes of crime officer at the shooting site in Accrington
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A teenager told a court about a £10,000 bribe alleged to have been offered to his best friend for him to take the blame for a shooting.

The 17-year-old, who can not be named for legal reasons, said pal Jack Wilding, 20, wrote to him from prison claiming Donovan Wallace, 26, was trying to “pin the blame on him” after Mark Walsh, 35, was peppered with more than 100 bullets from a 12 bore shotgun.

I have received Donovan’s statement and he has tried to pin it all on me

Kevin King, 30, is accused of conspiring to murder Mr Walsh two years after he first made the threats to Chloe Goodbier. The prosecution alleges King, of Lodge Lane, Lytham, arranged for his friend Donovan Wallace, 26, also of Lodge Lane, to carry out the shooting along with Jack Wilding, 20, of no fixed address.

All three deny conspiracy to murder and Wallace and Wilding deny attempted murder

The 17-year-old and his family offered Wilding a roof over his head after a caravan bought for him by co-accused Kevin King, 30, was burnt to the ground.

But when he went with King, Wilding and Wallace to see the burnt remains of the caravan, the teenager said he heard Mark Walsh’s name for the first time.

He told the police: “Every time Mark Walsh was mentioned Donovan seemed to get angry. He was blaming Mark Walsh for torching his car which I think was a Shogun.”

He added Wilding had been trying to think of any enemies who may have torched his caravan but he could not think of anyone.

After the caravan was destroyed, Wilding moved in with the teenager and his family at their home in Accrington.

The family continued to support him following his arrest and detention in prison.

In a letter written to the family, Wilding wrote: “Thank you for the letter and the £40. I honestly can’t thank you enough for what you both have done for me….

“I have received Donovan’s statement and he has tried to pin it all on me.

“He’s tried to bribe me £10,000. He’s supposed to be a mate.

“Your son is a true friend. I hope to see you all soon.”

Mark Walsh received injuries to his head, arms and back after he was gunned down in a shooting in the alley behind his home in Accrington on January 12 last year.

He survived the attack but has been left with permanent hearing loss and lead pellets lodged in his head.

The prosecution alleges King planned the attack as revenge for Walsh starting a relationship with his ex-partner, and recruited Wallace and Wilding to carry out the attack.