Teen joyriders flee van smash

Three cars were written off in the smash
Three cars were written off in the smash
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Four teen joyriders were seen running away from a stolen car seconds after it ploughed into a stationary van and car, writing them all off and causing thousands of pounds worth of damage.

Builder Mark Wilson, whose Renault Kangoo and Kia Sportage were hit by the Fiat 500 outside his home in Fleetwood Road, Bispham, said he was amazed the youngsters weren’t seriously hurt.

Mark with wife Janine, daughter Sophie (13) and Isla the dog

Mark with wife Janine, daughter Sophie (13) and Isla the dog

The 40-year-old said: “They must have been travelling at speed because they hit the Kia and that hit the van, and both were moved a couple of metres.

The airbags had gone off in the Fiat and I expected to find people inside it. Luckily for them and for me there was nobody there.”

Mark said his 18-year-old son Tom had just got home at around 11pm on Sunday when he heard a crashing noise.

He said: “He had only been in 10 minutes and was crashing round upstairs like a teenager does so I thought the noise was him.

“But my daughter said it was outside.”

After looking out of his window to a scene of carnage, Mark dialled 999.

All three emergency services attended, with firefighters called out because the Fiat was smoking, he said, while an ambulance arrived but left when paramedics realised there was nobody to treat.

And he said police dogs were called to help trace the four runaways, who were spotted by a neighbour running off towards North Drive, although police said no arrests were made.

The Fiat has since been taken away for forensic examination, Mark added.

Mark, who also lives with his wife Janine, 38, and mum Bev, 55, said: “I’m just glad nobody was hurt. It’s a major inconvenience to me and my company. The car and van were only 11 months old.

“But at the end of the day I’m a believer in stuff happens and you just have to make the best of it.”

Mark said motorists often speed along Fleetwood Road, while runs down the side of Bispham Gala Field.

He added: “They do tend to speed down here and it’s only one car wide at times, so I’m surprised there’s not
been many accidents on this road.”

Police said enquiries to trace the Fiat’s occupants are ongoing and appealed for anybody with information to get in touch on 101.