Teen attacker sent to prison

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TWO teenagers who subjected another to a "brutish and nasty" ordeal in a revenge crime at his Blackpool flat have both been put behind bars.

Neil McNulty confronted the 19-year-old victim, having mistakenly thought he was having a relationship with ex-girlfriend.

He forced his way into the victim's flat on Clarendon Road with a 16-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, and another man.

The victim was punched to the ground where his face and body were kicked and stamped on by the pair.

He later moved away from the area as a result of what happened, too afraid to remain at his address.

McNulty, 18, and his co-accused both pleaded guilty to robbery.

Sarah Johnston, prosecuting at Preston Crown Court, said the victim had become aware of McNulty, through a girl he met on Facebook. The victim and the girl, who was McNulty's girlfriend, had a platonic friendship.

The girl apparently later told him she and McNulty had quarrelled about the friendship.

One day in April last year, the relationship between McNulty and his girlfriend ended during a phonecall.

That same evening, the victim was at home when there was a knock at his door by someone apparently trying to put on a female voice.

He said he would call the police, but the door was kicked through.

Three males, including the two defendants with their faces covered, barged in and punched him to the ground before kicking and stamping on him.

He was told to hand over his phone and on the way out, a computer was damaged. His nose was bleeding heavily and he had swelling and bruising.

Chris Hudson, defending McNulty, said he had no previous convictions.

The teenager had earlier been told his girlfriend was ending the relationship.

He added: "He suspected she had been having some sort of relationship with the unfortunate victim. He had had too much to drink and went around to his home in jealous revenge.

"He was going around to have it out with him. It was criminal crass stupidity, but he was only 18. He says he only punched him."

Peter Horgan, defending the youth, said he had only been 15 years old at the time.

The youth had been drinking that night and got involved with a friend's problem.

Judge Recorder Andrew Nuttall, told the defendants: "I'm sure you both understand this must have been a terrifying and painful incident for him.

"It left him not only bruised and battered, but in such a state he could no longer remain in his home.

"It surely is in the public interest they know the courts will protect those people who live in their homes from brutish and nasty attacks such as this."

McNulty received two years detention, while the youth was given two years detention and training.