Team’s sponsored skydive for an angel

Alan Harrison and fellow fund-raisers
Alan Harrison and fellow fund-raisers
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A Fylde coast man ‘plummeted for an angel’ in memory of his beloved mum in a sponsored skydive.

Daredevil Alan Harrison, 36, leapt out of a plane at 15,000ft to raise money for dedicated staff at Trinity Hospice, who cared for his mum Denise shortly before she died from breast cancer in August last year.

Alan Harrison and mum Denise

Alan Harrison and mum Denise

His ‘Plummeting for an Angel’ fund-raiser took place over Cockerham Sands in Lancaster last Saturday.

Family and friends gathered to watch in amazement as Alan took the leap of faith alongside his friends Tristan Haddon, Matt Boocock, Scott Roberts and Rick Wylie to raise more than £3,000 for the hospice.

Alan, who lives in Thornton, said: “It was excellent on the day. I was nervous as I was going up in the plane but once we got up there it was great.

“We had initially planned to jump at 11,000ft but when we got there we decided to go for the 15,000ft.

“As soon as I got my head around it I decided I was doing it and that’s that.

“I was strapped to the skydiver and he edged his way to the end of the door and I had my body hanging out of the plane and on the count of three we were off.

“We fell for about a minute and then pulled the parachute.

“The feeling was amazing when we first got over the initial nerves of getting out there and doing it.”

He added that he hopes the money raised would help the hospice that comforted his mother during her final days.

“We were only aiming for £1,000 so we smashed it. All of us can’t thank everyone who has donated enough.

“My mum would have thought it was great. She wouldn’t have liked me doing it, but she would have been proud of us all, that’s for sure.”

Linzi Young, head of fund-raising at Trinity Hospice, said: “This is such an achievement and we are so touched by the generosity – and courage – of this group of supporters.

“They made a short film of their experiences which has been shown on our website and which many people said brought a tear to their eye.

“On behalf of everyone here at the hospice, a huge thank you – you should all be very proud of what you have done.”