TB taboo is tackled by county’s experts

Patient with TB
Patient with TB
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Health professionals at Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust challenged the taboo around tuberculosis (TB) on World TB Day on Thursday.

TB remains an epidemic in much of the world, causing nearly 1.5 million deaths every year, mostly in the developing world.

Healthcare support worker Sabiha Diwan, who works in the trust’s TB service, said: “TB is fully curable. However, if untreated or undiagnosed it can be fatal, second only to HIV and AIDS.

“There is a lot of stigma around the illness with people shutting off as soon as you mention it.

“World TB Day is a great opportunity to dispel this taboo and get people talking.”

Some nine million people fall ill each year with TB and three million of them don’t get the care they need.

The illness is spread through the air.