Taxi worker tells of pair’s violent attack

Allan Taylor
Allan Taylor
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A TAXI firm employee told a murder trial she saw a man and woman repeatedly stamping on a man as he lay defenceless on the floor.

Leanne Henderson was working at the office of Fleetwood Taxis when Allan Taylor was attacked.

Sixteen weeks later he was found dead at his Leven Avenue home after his broken ankle developed fatal blood clots, due to his immobility.

Ms Henderson told the court she saw Jamie Perkes punch Mr Taylor once to the side of the head, knocking him to the ground.

After that, she claimed both he and Leanne Potter stamped on Mr Taylor, 28, while he was still on the floor.

Potter, 28, and Perkes, 23, both of Central Drive, Blackpool deny murder and an alternative charge of manslaughter.

Ms Henderson told the court in evidence that Mr Taylor had come into the office in the early hours of New Year’s Day, asked for a taxi and then went and stood outside.

His taxi pulled up and he gave it up for an elderly couple.

After that, another taxi turned up and Jamie Perkes got out.

Ms Henderson claimed to have seen Leanne Potter punch at the driver through the open window and throw her handbag at the vehicle.

The employee said Perks was then shouting at her to get him a taxi when he went into the office and Potter was screaming.

The witness heard someone say: “That was out of order.”

She claimed that Perkes then swung the punch at Mr Taylor, who landed with his head outside and his body inside the office, lying face down with his arms by his side.

Ms Henderson added: “Jamie was stamping on the back of his head about five times, it could have been more.

“Leanne was stamping on his lower body and legs, a number of times.”

Ms Henderson then tried to lift Mr Taylor. She added: “He was trying to get up and he was on all fours. I was trying to lift him up to get him onto a seat”.

She said she could see no reason for a punch having been thrown at him.

Under cross examination from the defence counsel, it was suggested that a taxi driver had pushed Ms Potter. The worker responded: “not that I saw”.

She disputed a suggestion by Mr David Fish QC, for Potter, that his client had not been involved in any violence.

Mr Stuart Denney, QC for Perkes, suggested that Ms Henderson’s version of events was almost entirely wrong and that someone had said “you have wasted another taxi” and Mr Taylor or a friend of his had called that defendant something.

Ms Henderson denied the suggestion and added: “No, I didn’t hear that.”

Mr Denney also suggested that Mr Taylor had approached Perkes from behind and struck a single blow to his ear.

Perkes accepted lashing out, but his defence claimed it was entirely wrong to suggest kicking or stamping by him.

“Yes there was”, said the woman, who denied any wrongdoing on the victim’s behalf.