Taxi firm slashes prices but not all cabbies are happy

C Cabs taxis parked by the Mecca Bingo on Talbot Road, Blackpool.
C Cabs taxis parked by the Mecca Bingo on Talbot Road, Blackpool.
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A taxi firm director says his company has had to slash its prices “due to the climate we live in.”

George Robinson, one of four directors at C Cabs, says the firm has made the decision to compete with its rivals.

Around 190 drivers for the company were called into a depot off Talbot Road on Monday to have their meters replaced.

As a result, the starting fare for a journey with the company will begin at £2 – that’s 60p lower than before.

Mr Robinson said: “All people are bothered about now is what’s on the start of the meter and what’s on the end of the meter. We’ve got to compete with our competitors.

“It’s the climate we live in now. It’s cheaper than it used to be and we’ve got to try to get people in.”

The move was voted in by the company’s shareholders following an extraordinary general meeting.

Mr Robinson admits the move could be risky, but hopes drivers will receive more work because of the lower prices.

He said: “What was a £5.20 job is now a £4 or £4.20 job so it’s a big saving, but we’re hoping to get more work to compensate for it.

“I’d imagine when it all kicks into play we’ll get a great response from the drivers.”

“All we can do is see how it progresses from here.”

But one C Cabs driver, who did not want to be named, said: “I’m not happy about it and from what I understand most of the drivers are against it. The town is struggling as it is and taxi drivers are not making a living.”