Task force in new call for major market makeover

Fleetwood Market
Fleetwood Market
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A market at the heart of Fleetwood could be given a makeover after councillors proposed 13 changes to secure its future.

A task group set up by Wyre Council’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee has suggested a range of improvements for Fleetwood Market, which include revamping its management, re-designing its layout, and building a market strategy to increase footfall.

The market consists of 250 indoor and outdoor stalls, and has been a part of the port since 1840.

It is open four days a week, all year round, but was last revamped extensively in 1990 when Wyre Council spent £750,000 expanding the site.

The report, which will be considered by the committee at their next meeting on June 23, said: “The market gives any visitor the immediate impression that it is in need of bringing up to date.

“This is one of the reasons why the task group was charged with identifying opportunities for improvement, development and income maximisation.

“Having been advised the market is the council’s second highest income-earner, the task group would like to see all steps taken to maintain that situation.”

It added: “The market manager frequently has to liaise with a number of different staff, primarily based at the Civic Centre in Poulton, to deal with a wide variety of day-to-day and longer term issues.

“This makes the resolution of problems cumbersome, and affects the relationship the manager has with traders and visitors to the market.”

Trader David Lee, of P&S Cards, said the changes could help the town.

He added: “Anything positive is going to be an advantage to everybody, but it’s a question of will the changes happen?

“We want to see more people in the place, or everyone is going to struggle.

“The trams haven’t helped us over the last few years, but any changes which are going to be beneficial are great for us.

“If they are going to change it round and modernise the market, it will not only help us, but Fleetwood as well.”

The report will go before full council and cabinet in the coming weeks before it is approved.