Tap’s the way

Poulton Drama's Roger Lloyd Jones and the cast of Stepping Out.  Roger is the only male cast member.
Poulton Drama's Roger Lloyd Jones and the cast of Stepping Out. Roger is the only male cast member.
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JUST like the character he plays in the hit comedy Stepping Out, Roger Lloyd Jones is a man in a woman’s world.

The civil servant, from Thornton, stars as Geoffrey in the warm and funny play, which tells the story of a group of women – and one man – attending tap-dancing lessons at a church hall.

Like Geoffrey, Roger had never tap danced before Poulton Drama started work on the production, which opens on March 16, at Thornton Little Theatre.

He said: “I am the only male cast member so have been surrounded by ladies for the rehearsals.

“It’s been great fun. Like my character, I have been learning to dance, getting better over the course of proceedings and hoping I can bring it for the performance.

“I can’t let my girls down. It’s great exercise and good fun. I already do quite a bit of running and keeping fit, but it’s a good way of keeping trim.”

Director/producer Sarah Jane Stone said: there was “a play within a play.” She was invited as a guest director by Poulton Drama and agreed to direct and choreograph Stepping Out, in memory of her mum, Christine Innes, who died 20 years ago, this April, from breast cancer and who was a member of Poulton drama for many years. The production is dedicated to her.

Sarah said: “Most of the cast had to learn to dance, just like their characters. One or two have a little experience, but it’s harder for them to pretend they can’t do it.

“Roger is the only man so I think he gets teased a bit by the ladies. It’s a really funny play and very heart-warming. You get involved with the characters and their stories behind learning to dance and you want them to do well in their big performance at the end.”

Cathy Lloyd, who plays Vera and teaches drama at St Mary’s School, Blackpool, said: “Tap dancing is good exercise, it’s more technical than I thought, but good cardio exercise as well.”