Take two spaces: Buy two tickets

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DRIVERS are set to be penalised for taking up more than one parking space.

Town hall plans mean motorists who park across two spaces – or owners of wide cars, including 4x4s, tractors and vehicles with trailers who cannot fit into a regular space – will end up paying twice.

Under a parking policy, to be debated by Wyre Council tonight, motorists will have to buy two tickets.

Some residents say the rules penalise motorists who use bigger vehicles for a living.

Edwina Miller, of the Cobble Hey Farm and Gardens, in Claughton, near Garstang, said: “They seem to have lost sight of the fact we are a rural community and a rural economy and most rural people have to get into towns to go to banks and things like that.

“It seems like they are penalising people. There should be exemption cases for people who have to have these vehicles for their livelihoods.”

Poulton resident, Mary Hayworth, whose husband uses a trailer for work, said: “If a motorist is parked across two bays because of shoddy parking they should be penalised.

“But when you have no choice it seems a bit unfair and just another way to take money from residents.”

The rules will also ban HGVs from using the public car parks.

Council leader Coun Peter Gibson said: “Part of what has been looked at in this report is where we have a farm vehicle with a trailer that goes over a couple of spaces.

“There is a view they should only pay for one space but if the vehicle is using two spaces they should pay for two.

“They are denying someone else a parking space.

“At the moment if someone parks over a couple of spaces the wardens would look at penalising the driver, this policy is a way of formalising that.”