Tagged man breaks curfew...so he can go on Jeremy Kyle show!

Jeremy Kyle
Jeremy Kyle

A man broke a court ordered overnight curfew to go to television’s Jeremy Kyle show.

Christopher McEvoy said he had been told he could go to the show by an official who came to change the battery in his tag monitoring equipment, as long as he provided a letter of proof from the television company.

McEvoy, aged 43, of Ambleside Road, Mereside, Blackpool, pleaded guilty to two offences of breaching a court order.

He was sentenced to serve an extra eight hours of curfew by Blackpool magistrates.

Cheryl Crawford, prosecuting for the probation service, said McEvoy had been sentenced to two community orders with a curfew from 10pm to 6am for two offences of disqualified driving.

On October 12 McEvoy was missing from his address for the whole night’s curfew.

The prosecutor said: “He went to the Jeremy Kyle Show. He stayed overnight and then got a letter from ITV which he thought was acceptable.

“He should have gone to court before, asked permission to go to the show and had his curfew altered.”

Patrick Nelligan, defending, told magistrates that McEvoy said he explained to an official who came to change the battery in his tag that his girlfriend was due to go on the Jeremy Kyle show.

McEvoy was to escort her and the children there and they were to stay in a hotel the night before the show.

The defendant said he could not detail the show date in advance because appearances on the show were arranged at the last minute.

McEvoy said the official said it would be okay to go as long as he got a letter proving he was going to the show as evidence and gave it to the authorities.

The defence added that McEvoy’s girlfriend had not appeared on the show in the end as her former partner had not turned up.