Swan found with a hook in its neck

Joanna Nickson is looking after a swan that has a fishing hook stuck in it's neck at Stanley Park lake.
Joanna Nickson is looking after a swan that has a fishing hook stuck in it's neck at Stanley Park lake.
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A DISTRESSED cygnet has been suffering for a week with a fish hook impaled in its neck.

The young swan was found injured at Blackpool’s Stanley Park by animal lover Joanna Nickson while she was out walking her dogs.

Miss Nickson contacted the RSPCA as soon as she could, and was told to stay at the park and wait for one of its officers.

As it got darker and colder, Miss Nickson called the charity back to say she was leaving.

The following day – Wednesday – she was told an officer would be there on Friday.

But when an officer arrived, the cygnet was in the water.

Miss Nickson, 44, was told the RSPCA would need to use its boat, which wouldn’t be available for a few weeks.

“I’ve been going since Tuesday and waited for hours for the RSPCA, they’ve spent five minutes here and now they’ve gone again,” she said.

“I’m just worried about the swan as she still has this horrible thing in her neck. She can’t move her head to eat anything and her eyes aren’t shining.

“She’s holding her head very low, she just looks as though she’s dying. It’s a terrible shame.”

Miss Nickson, who has named the cygnet Lillibeth, said she would continue to keep her eye on the injured bird.

AN RSPCA spokeswoman said: “The RSPCA is a charity with very limited resources, despite what most people think.

“We have just 402 officers across England and Wales – around half of whom are trained to do water rescues – and our control centre takes 25,000 calls a week.

“The RSPCA was called about this swan on Tuesday and an officer attended that same day and again on Friday but couldn’t catch it.

“We are doing all we can to help this swan and will keep trying to rescue it.

“But the one at fault here is the person who left their angling litter behind and caused this to happen.”

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