Suspected palm oil confirmed to have washed up on Blackpool beach

The mystery substance that has sparked a health warning after washing up on beaches along the Fylde coast is confirmed to have been found at Blackpool too.

Thursday, 9th November 2017, 3:19 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 10:30 am
Some of the suspected palm oil at Cleveleys (Pic: Wyre Council)
Some of the suspected palm oil at Cleveleys (Pic: Wyre Council)

Dog walkers have been told to continue to keep their pets on a lead, while children should be supervised, officials have warned, though the beaches remain open.

Tests on the substance, described as 'fatty, oily, greasy with a rancid aroma and bright in colour', have been carried out but take around five days to come back.

Officials are confident it is decaying palm oil, which can prove deadly to dogs, but are waiting for lab results to confirm their suspicions.

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It has since been spotted in Knott End, while there are local media reports of a similar substance washing ashore in Cumbria and Wales.

Its source has not been confirmed, but some believe storms may have dislodged a batch of the toxic balls from a killer shipwreck.Two dogs had to be given emergency treatment after eating some of the substance at Norbreck, their concerned owner said.In a statement posted to its website, Blackpool Council said: "The substance has now been detected on sections of Blackpool beaches and can be described as fatty, oily, greasy with a rancid aroma and bright orange in colour.

"The substance has been cleared (Thursday morning) and our beach patrol team will continue to survey all beach areas, monitor the situation and provide regular updates.

"The beaches remain open, but we advise to supervise children carefully and keep your dogs on a lead. Please avoid all contact with residue on the beach and in the water due to potential health risks.”

Blackpool Council had earlier said it had 'no confirmed reports of any deposits on its beaches', after the substances was reportedly sighted on the sand at Starr Gate.