Surprise wedding on day as son's christening

When guests turned up for the christening of baby Calder Lloyd, little did they know they were also there for a surprise wedding.

Thursday, 16th March 2017, 1:24 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 11:06 am
Wayne Lloyd and Michelle Martin

Calder’s mum and dad, Michelle Martin, 31 and Wayne Lloyd, 33, wanted to tie the knot at the same time to celebrate being a family unit.

Guests waited inside St Peter’s Church, Fleetwood - for the christening to begin - but they had the surprise of their lives when Michelle walked in to the wedding march with her dad.

Michelle said: “Everyone was so shocked they truly believed the organist was playing the wrong song until we shouted ‘surprise!”

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“Everyone began to cheer which was an overwhelming moment for us both.”

The couple met through a well-known dating site and the first time they met they knew romance was there.

They had gone for ice-cream and Michelle was gutted because she had her hopes set on a two scoop ice cream and Wayne only bought her one.

She said:”Each time we met Wayne would always surprise me with flowers and still buys me them to this day.

“Yes it’s true and I am going to say the usual cheesy lines ‘we are best friends and we are soul mates’.

“We laugh every single day and we have been together for nearly two years and our little boy Calder is the apple of our eyes.”

They became engaged on October 15 last year.

It was raining but Wayne was adamant that they went for a picnic in the Lake District.

Wayne took Michelle to a spot on the shores of Coniston Water which was specifically chosen as it was a special place to Wayne when he was growing up.

Michelle, a mental health nurse, said: “I nearly broke my neck jumping off big rocks to get to the spot!

“He began taking photos and asked me to turn around but I refused as I knew what was coming!

“Eventually I turned around and before he could even get the words out I grabbed hold of him and couldn’t stop screaming with happiness.

“Then I thought ‘get that ring on my finger!’

“We bit into a sandwich and Calder woke for a feed so we ended up sharing a lovely picnic in the back of our car - a perfect day.”

Before the proposal was even made the couple had decided that when they eventually got married, they would do it on Calder’s christening day.

“Our day wasn’t the traditional wedding, but we like to be different,” said Michelle.

“And it couldn’t have gone any better, all of our planning and scheming had worked!”

Nobody knew anything about their plans expect for their mums and Michelle’s best friend.

In fact Michelle’s dad only found out he was giving her away half an hour before when he went to pick up the wedding cake.

“We didn’t have any bridesmaids or best men as we wanted to keep it about our son’s special day too,” said Michelle.

“Before we knew it our day was over and I was driving through McDonald’s drive-thru for a meal with my wedding dress on - how can it get any better than that?

Wayne, a blind installer, said: “It was an absolutely fantastic day and one of the most happiest times in my life.

Michelle added: “I couldn’t have wished for a better day; I became Mrs Lloyd on Calder’s special day and married my best friend.”