Support call after cot death tragedy

Marcia and Paul Hamilton with their children Iona (5), left,  and Caitlyn (7)-holding a picture of Munroe
Marcia and Paul Hamilton with their children Iona (5), left, and Caitlyn (7)-holding a picture of Munroe
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A GRIEVING couple have spoken for the first time about the tragic loss of their baby son who died suddenly while they were on holiday.

Marcia and Paul Hamilton, from North Shore, were enjoying a break in their caravan with their two daughters and 11-week-old son when tragedy struck.

Little Munroe was found dead in his bed in the middle of the night, without showing any signs of being unwell in the hours before his death.

Mrs Hamilton, 34, of Hawthorn Road, said: “We tried to resuscitate him but I knew in my heart he had already gone.

“I never imagined anything like this would happen. It’s like we’re in a 

“He was wonderful and will always be a part of our lives.”

Munroe was born five weeks premature in March this year and despite needing antibiotics for the first few weeks of his life, he began to develop normally and showed no signs of being poorly.

Mrs Hamilton added: “He was brilliant. He never cried. I have never known a baby like him, he was wonderful.

“We had a perfect time as a normal family, spending time together. He gave us such big smiles.”

The couple were in Scarborough when Munroe died on June 3. He was rushed to hospital where doctors battled in vain to save him.

A post mortem later confirmed he had died from cot death.

Mr and Mrs Hamilton said they were horrified to find their caravan cordoned off like a crime scene after they returned from the hospital.

Mr Hamilton said: “It was an horrendous time. We couldn’t get into the caravan and there were forensics everywhere. It was horrible.

“It’s been hard, it’s so heartbreaking.”

The couple have been receiving help from the Snowdrop Centre, which offers help to parents whose children have died.

But they also want to reach out to other families who have gone through the same heartache and hope to set up a support group specifically for cot death.

Mrs Hamilton added: “There is not a lot around for cot deaths. No-one really knows why it happens and it leaves you with so many questions.

“It’s an horrendous thing and there is nothing around here.

“I feel strongly about doing something to help other people.

“We want somewhere for people to go to talk and help each other.”

Anyone interested in contacting the Hamilton family about setting up a support group should contact reporter Julia Bennett on (01253) 361728.