Suicide was down to relationship failure

A FATHER-of-two took his own life after his relationship with his girlfriend broke down, an inquest heard.

Tony Watson was discovered in his flat on Eaves Street in North Shore by his sister after taking a cocktail of prescribed drugs and booze.

The inquest heard how the 46-year-old had argued with his former partner, Penny Simmons, the night before his death on January 31.

But elder sister, Diane Watson, also said he had become depressed because another relationship – with the mother of his two children – had fallen apart while he was living in Holland.

Miss Watson described how she battled in vain to revive her brother.

She said: "I saw him every morning so he did it knowing it would be too late by the time I visited. He really meant it.

"He was sat on the settee, I got him off the settee and tried to give him the kiss of life. I was fighting a losing battle.

"I found all these tablets everywhere. He had been going to the doctor for depression for ages because he couldn't see his kids."

A post mortem examination revealed Mr Watson died after taking a concoction of sleeping tablets, anti-depressants, morphine, codeine and alcohol. Anne Hind, Blackpool coroner, recorded a verdict of suicide.