Success follows defib vandalism

The damaged weatherproof box where the defibrillator unit was kept
The damaged weatherproof box where the defibrillator unit was kept
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Community stalwarts grabbed victory from the jaws of defeat after a seafront defibrillator was trashed by vandals.

Their campaign to repair the damage means they can now afford a second life-saving machine.

The Rossall Beach Residents and Community Group appealed for donations online after the defibrillator at Rossall beach had its weather-proof casing damaged by vandals armed with rocks in September.

Now the seafront is set to become even safer, as an incredible £2,500 in donations means the casing can be repaired, and a second defibrillator installed at The Venue pub on Cleveleys North Promenade.

Community group chairwoman Jane Littlewood, who set up the fundraiser, said: “People were disgusted by the fact that it had been vandalised and suggested that we set up a crowd-fund, so we did, and people were so brilliant that we actually raised enough money to replace the one that was damaged.

“We are going to replace the case and put a more robust one on that should be immune to vandalism.

“Because of the support we have had we can actually put out another defibrillator at the Venue.

“Everything you do when you’re a community group is difficult and takes time. It took us a long time to get the original one installed.

“It is so frustrating when you have spent time doing something for your community and it’s damaged. So when we got a response like we did, it makes you think you really do live in a nice place.”