Study reveals Blackpool resident’s biggest regrets

Blackpool promenade and beach.
Blackpool promenade and beach.
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Researchers have discovered a list of 40 things people in Blackpool would change if they could live their lives again.

Over three quarters of residents (87 percent) would change certain things about the life they have lived – with the average local having four things in their lives they wish they had done differently.

The two biggest regrets were not travelling more within Europe and not working harder at school (33 percent), according to the research commissioned by 16-25 Railcard.

Not wasting money on things we don’t need (27 percent), also came high up on the list, as did enjoying more days out and exploring the UK (29 percent). Travelling the world (20 percent) and making more of an effort to make friends also featured in the top 20.

When it comes to matters of the heart, 13 percent said they wished they had not stayed in an unhappy relationship, while 33 percent said they wished they had married the right person.

Workwise 13 percent of people said they wished they had pushed themselves harder in their chosen career path, while another seven percent said they would have found a more worthwhile job.

Another 13 percent of those polled said they would be more confident and outgoing.

As well as doing things differently in their lives residents went as far as to say they had three major life regrets, with the first one most likely to kick in at the age of 34.

And just under half (47 percent) of those who took part in the study admitted regularly starting sentences with ‘If I had my time again’.

Andrew Robertson from 16-25 Railcard, which commissioned the report said: “Many of us have things that we might do differently in our lives, whether it’s travelling and exploring more, making an effort to keep fit, or being more careful with money.

“The findings go to show how important it is to make the most of our time and live life to the full. By offering a third off rail travel for those aged 16-25 we want to give young people in Blackpool the chance to get out, see friends and family, travel and explore, without having to worry unduly about the cost. Hopefully this will mean the younger generation of today will have fewer regrets later in life.”

The stats show 60 percent admit they are ‘frustrated’ by bad decisions made while young.

Just one in 10 (7 percent) said they were jealous of the younger generations who are able to look forward to everything life has to offer.

But 40 percent confessed they were more likely to regret past actions as they get older.

One in four (27 percent) said they simply failed to listen to advice passed on to them, and 20 percent claimed they would have listened but said a lack of solid advice was to blame.

A lack of money (20 percent) was also picked as a reason, as was a lack of time (16 percent) and a lack of confidence (17 percent).

Despite having regrets 40 percent said they felt they had ‘done okay’ in life.

Just 13 percent said they had ‘done well’ while 20 percent went as far as to say they feel they have done “very well” in life.


1. I would travel more within Europe

2. I would work harder at school

3. I would marry the RIGHT person

4. I would marry ‘the one who got away’

5. I would explore more of the UK

6. I wouldn’t waste so much money buying things I didn’t need

7. I would enjoy more days out

8. I would travel the world

9. I would make more effort to make friends

10. I would be better with money

11. I would make more effort to keep in touch with my friends

12. I would make more time for my children

13. I would party harder

14. I would visit my immediate family more

15. I would go to university

16. I would go on more weekend breaks

17. I would give more to charity

18. I would show those closest to me how much I love them

19. I would be more confident / outgoing

20. I would get on the property ladder earlier

21. I would push myself harder in my career

22. I would have kids

23. I wouldn’t waste so much money.

24. I would not stay in an unhappy relationship

25. I would buy a nicer / bigger house

26. I would work less/more

27. I would make more effort to keep in touch with friends

28. I would be nicer to people

29. I would do more to help people less fortunate than I

30. I would save more

31. I would listen more to my parents

32. I would not have kids

33. I would have more one night stands

34. I would be a better son / daughter

35. I would be more faithful to my partners

36. I would have got a pension

37. I would find a better job

38. I would find a more worthwhile job

39. I would not get into debt

40. I would rent not buy a property