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A dog had a lucky escape when it avoided any serious injuries after being hit by a tram on the seafront at Bispham.

Emergency services were called to free the pet yesterday morning after it ran away from its owner before becoming trapped underneath the carriage on Queen’s Promenade.

The fortunate dog was able to free itself after firefighters cut the power to the service, temporariily halting trams in both directions.

Two fire engines, from Bispham and Fleetwood, were called to the incident, which took place at around 8.30am yesterday.

Watch manager Michael Treece-Birch, based in Bispham, said: “A woman pulled up to take her dog for a walk, opened the car door and the dog made a run for the beach.

“It was hit by a tram and got stuck underneath.

“We had to cut the power to the trams and stopped them running in either direction.

“We didn’t have to lift the tram or cut the dog free – we coaxed it out and it managed to get itself out from underneath.”